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In addition to the flat fee packages and one-hour consultations, we represent people in traditional divorce, custody and other family law matters at an hourly rate. 

Our hourly rates are $260 for lawyers. Other professionals in our office have lower billing rates. We also require a $2,500 retainer in most cases, which means you deposit that money in an account and keep that much money there until your case is completed.

The first step for any representation is a one-hour, no-obligation consultation. The fee for this hour is $250.

Feel free to contact us to see what option is best for you.

What are the advantages to having a lawyer representing you in the traditional way? Most of all, you should experience a lot less anxiety knowing that you have an experienced attorney calling the shots, working on a plan to get the best outcome for you that is possible given your circumstances, and keeping you informed along the way. It also helps to have a litigator with you in negotiating an agreement, because your lawyer will know what the range of probable outcomes is for you and can help your arrange for a negotiated outcome that is in your favor. I believe that your lawyer should also help you prioritize your actual life goals over prolonging the Vermont family law case - a distinction that is sometimes lost in the heat of battle. Finally, if your case ends up in a contested hearing, your lawyer manages your presentation, asks you questions when you are on the witness stand, and conducts the questioning of other witnesses (such as the other spouse or parent) for you.


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