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Why am I Doing This?

Why would a divorce lawyer help people understand the family court system - for free? 

I created Vermont Family Law to help people understand Vermont divorce laws and navigate the family court system. This website is designed to be a how-to guide to help you represent yourself in custody, separation, divorce, child support, parentage and other related issues that might come up in the family courts of our state.


I made the website because I’m frustrated with the legal system - and I’ll bet you are too. Family law problems take too long and are too expensive. Vermont divorce laws are needlessly confusing and there is no good place to go to learn about them. 


Lawyers cost thousands of dollars, far more than most people can pay. Meanwhile, family courts are clogged with people doing their best to represent themselves, but wasting a lot of time and energy because they need a little help understanding what’s happening. So, wait times get longer, lawyers get more expensive, and the process grinds to a near halt.


I realized a few things:

  • I was spending a lot of my time trying to convince people to hire me.

  • People couldn’t afford to hire me.

  • I wanted to help more people, but had to keep focusing on clients with enough money to hire me.

  • Once I was hired, I had to fight over every little thing to justify my own expense.

  • All the other family lawyers were doing the same thing.

It was as if all of the airlines only offered first-class seats and the airplanes were flying mostly empty.

This is a crazy situation. I needed to find a way to offer economy class seats on the family law airplane!

My Goals

I created this site with two main goals in mind:


To offer basic explanations and tips for people representing yourself in court.


To market my flat fee services as an affordable “coach” to help people through their divorce.

My Goals

Your Guide to Divorce

Walk into Court and Know What to Expect


I truly believe that with the help of the resources on this website, the vast majority of people can represent themselves in court — and do a good job at it. And if you need it, you can get individualized help from me along the way for hundreds of dollars, rather than thousands.


The divorce process can be complicated and frightening, but it doesn’t have to leave you feeling defeated.

Your Guide to Divorce
What I Offer

What I Offer

I have worked with hundreds of family law clients and I know that the court process doesn’t work for everyone. I want to improve that. I will work with you to simplify the process and give you a plan so you can approach the court with confidence.


Many people cannot afford the cost of full representation for divorce cases, but I believe everyone deserves assistance during the divorce process. I’ve created several affordable packages to help with your unique situation:


Coaching Packages:

  • A one-hour session to give you the tools to prepare for court

  • Additional coaching to help you prepare paperwork for court proceedings

  • Full service representation


I offer flat fee divorce services and guidance.

Traditional Representation

  • I also represent people in a traditional way, going to court with them and charging an hourly rate. My rate is $250 per hour, and I require a $2,500 retainer.

I would love to help you out.

Please contact me.

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