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Your Divorce Timeline - With Kids

Remember how easy it was to get married? Oh sure, maybe you had a big party and there were lots of details to work out. Maybe you had four guests, maybe you had four hundred. But remember the paperwork? You probably signed just one document: your marriage license.

Your divorce is more complicated than that.


But your divorce is not that complicated. Okay, so you have kids. There are a few extra steps you will have to take, and it will take a little longer, but there are still only 12 steps to get divorced. And you might not even need all of them!


You can always agree with the other party on some of the issues in your case, which will make it go more quickly.

Here's what you can expect.


You can print this page out and cross these steps off the list as you go!


Click through the links for additional information.

  1. You or the other party files a Complaint with the Court

  2. The judge signs an Interim Order

  3. The other party is Served

  4. The case manager holds a Case Manager's Conference

  5. The judge holds a Status Conference

  6. A Magistrate holds a Child Support Hearing

  7. The Magistrate issues a Child Support Order

  8. The judge holds a Temporary Hearing

  9. The judge issues a Temporary Order

  10. The judge holds a Final Hearing

  11. The judge issues a Final Order

  12. The Waiting Period (nisi) expires and the divorce is final

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