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Temporary Child Support

If you and the other parent are not able to agree to a Child Support amount at the Case Manager's Conference, your case will be set for a Hearing on Child Support.


First, the Custody question:

Of course, if you haven't agreed on Parental Responsibilities (Custody), and Parent-Child contact (Visitation) the Magistrate or the judge will hear testimony on these topics and issue a Temporary Order on custody either first (in the case of the judge) or at the same time.


How is Child Support decided?

There are specific standards for deciding child support, discussed here.


What will the Hearing be like?

At the Hearing, whichever party is asking for child support will testify first. The evidence will be on Custody (if you have not agreed on that topic) and the income and expenses of the parties.

The hearing will probably be held by a Magistrate. Most likely, it will take between two and four hours, but it could take longer. The hearing will be held in a courtroom, generally a small one within the family court where the case is filed.


What documents should I bring?

You should bring the following documents to the Temporary Child Support Hearing:

  1. Your Financial Affidavit (form 813a, or 813s if you are not married)

  2. Several months of pay stubs

  3. Your tax returns for three years

  4. Receipts for major household expenses (such as utilities, rent or mortgage payment)


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