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Tristan Christopher Larson, Esq.

I am a lawyer in Rutland, Vermont and a partner at Larson & Gallivan Law, PLC. I represent people in family court matters around the state, but primarily in Rutland, Windsor, Addison and Bennington counties.


I grew up on a dairy farm in Rutland County and much of my family still lives here. Before forming the law firm Larson & Gallivan, I was a partner in a medium-sized law firm for Vermont located in Rutland. Prior to that I worked as a clerk in the state court system for two years, getting to know the judges and lawyers in Rutland County. As a firm, and as individuals, we value loyalty, trust and flexibility in ourselves and with each other. These are the qualities that we offer clients as well.


My Background

I graduated with honors from Harvard Law School in 2003. For a while after law school, I worked at a Boston law firm with 200 lawyers. My office was on the 37th floor and I could see ships sailing into the harbor far below. My clients were mostly giant real estate development and construction companies, government entities and the like. It sounds exciting, but the work was often very tedious. Endless numbers of contracts needed to be written and rewritten; liability studies needed to be done and sub-agreements with engineers needed to be edited. Boxes, rooms and sometimes whole warehouses of documents needed to be reviewed. Thousands of gas station leases needed to be cross-referenced with the laws of fifty states. I was bored.


So I came home to Rutland because I love Vermont and its people.

I am dedicated to helping clients navigate the complex legal system. I am here to listen to and understand your individual situation, answer your questions, and keep communication open and honest.

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