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What Clients Say About Us

Why am I Doing This?

Our favorite review comes from Amy: 

"Attorney Larson and his team are courteous, efficient and scrupulously considerate of their clients’ time and unvoiced concerns. I have worked with other attorneys in the past in relation to a lengthy and high conflict divorce and subsequent custodial challenges with an extremely difficult former spouse and the Larson & Gallivan team has provided a drastically different experience that is refreshing and allows legal counsel to remain accessible to those with limited resources:


1) Time: Even if there is a “wait” for an attorney, the attorneys and their support staff are fast, kind and communicative, attributing priority to your situation even if you are not yet an established client. When you do meet with your attorney, you know exactly the duration of your meeting: whether it’s an hour-long consult or just a quick 15-minute huddle to plan next steps and obtain an update. I have been greatly relieved and thankful for the consideration they have shown as they are very mindful that legal costs are inevitably an additional source of stress. What you will NOT experience are long periods of silence, not sure if or when you will hear back nor wonder what you ought to be doing in the meantime. The guidance is clear and the support team is professional and attentive.


2) Access, empowerment through education: The firm offers a unique option for absolutely anyone to obtain high-quality legal counsel without commitment. It is a tremendous value: for an hour consultation, you present your situation and have an attorney map out options, implications and next steps, following up the conversation with a written recap of what was discussed and a step-by-step guide for steps and forms to complete depending on your course of action. This is invaluable, especially when emotions are running high and court forms are daunting and complicated. The advice I received on my very first consult, Atty Larson recommended a particular court provision unknown to me which ended up saving me just under $200 in court fees.


3) Genuine concern and empowerment through education. The firm seems to take a very different approach to offering legal counsel. Never pushy, rather, the attorneys coach you through different scenarios; inform you of your rights when you’re unsure, especially in joint custody situations; and offer practical guidance as to steps you can take to make presentation of your situation clearer to a third party. I received this pragmatic direction from my first consultation, which helped me understand my rights as a parent; obtain a realistic assessment of the situation from a court perspective; and define long-term goals to make the best use of time as I waited for a more strategic moment to take action.  When I needed help in identifying help beyond the scope of the firm’s practice, the two attorneys with whom I worked (Atty Bergman and Larson) were generous in offering specific alternatives and referrals to ensure my situation was addressed promptly.


You may also experience the satisfaction and relief, as I did, hearing from other attorneys that those at Larson and Gallivan are highly esteemed for their integrity and competence."

Thank you, Amy!

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