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People often wonder if they need a lawyer to get divorced, or to deal with child custody or support.


No! You don’t need a lawyer. People get divorced on their own without legal help all the time.

Your Guide to Separation and Divorce

This website and the articles here are designed to help non-lawyers in preparing for a divorce or custody case and knowing what to expect in court whether they have a lawyer or not. I think it will be very useful to you - whether you are on your own or if you have a lawyer at your side.


But Should You Have a Lawyer?

Some people can’t afford legal representation, and if you are in that position, you will have to manage as best as you can by representing yourself. The information on this site should be helpful if that's your situation. Other times couples are able to separate cordially, and agree on all of the issues in their divorce. Frankly, they probably don’t need a lawyer. The instructions on this site should be helpful to get to the end of the process as painlessly as possible. Or you might want to hire a lawyer to mediate for the two of you. You might be able to reach an agreement without going to court at all!


If your spouse has a lawyer, though, and you can afford to hire one, it would be a good idea to get one. If you have money in the bank, or a retirement plan, or your spouse does, you should hire a lawyer. These assets might be a house, business, or retirement accounts.


How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

Most lawyers require a retainer fee of several thousand dollars before they will start working on your case. Then, the lawyer’s hourly fees can run you between $5,000 and $10,000 very quickly, and sometimes more.


Very few lawyers offer flat fee divorce rates for helping you with your family law matters. Although hiring a lawyer as a consultant for a flat rate will not be exactly the same as having a lawyer dedicated to handling your case from start to finish, it is an affordable way to get helpful advice and assistance in filling out forms and preparing for your day in court.

For traditional legal representation, our fees are $250 per hour for lawyers and I require a $2,500 retainer fee.


Take a look at my affordable flat fee divorce rates.

As you’ll see, these options cost hundreds of dollars instead of thousands.


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