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How Does Child Support Get Paid?

Well, you have your Child Support Order, and it says you - or the other parent - needs to pay some support.


How does this happen?

Child Support is paid either directly to the other parent or through the Office of Child Support (OCS). If it is paid through the OCS, it might be taken directly out of your paycheck.


If the person paying child support has a regular paycheck, OCS can automatically deduct child support from the person's paycheck and pay it directly to the custodial parent. This is almost always the way to go. It's easier for everybody, and there's no questions about whether you paid it, or whether the other parent received it.


If OCS is not involved or if you are self-employed, you’re going to need to pay directly. Usually, this is done by mailing a check each week or month to the other parent. Your Child Support Order will tell you whether the payment is weekly or monthly.


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