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What is a Hearing?

A hearing is like a trial, where judges hear witnesses talk about evidence. It is held in a courtroom, with a court officer, lawyers, witnesses, one or more judges, the other party, and you. There is no jury in Family Court.


Hearings are held on these topics:


Temporary Order:

  1. Temporary Child Support

  2. Temporary Spousal Maintenance

  3. Temporary Property Division


Final Order:

  1. Final Child Support

  2. Final Spousal Maintenance

  3. Final Property Division

  4. Final Order (Decree of Divorce)


Modification of an Order:

  1. Modification of Child Support

  2. Modification of Spousal Maintenance



  1. Enforcement of an Order

  2. Contempt


TIP: Some Family Courts in Vermont call the Status Conference a "hearing", but that's confusing. It could become a hearing, but only if witnesses give testimony.


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