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The final hearing is like a trial. You and the other party will testify and you may bring any witnesses who can testify about the issues in your case as well. This is typically the longest and most complicated hearing of your case.


What Will the Hearing Be Like?

At the hearing, whichever party filed the Complaint or petition will testify first.

The hearing will be held by a judge in the courtroom. There may be one or two side judges as well. The side judges listen to the Evidence and assist the judge in deciding the facts of the case. They will probably not say anything during your hearing.



Most likely, it will take between two and four hours, but it could take much longer. In very complicated cases with family businesses or complicated Parental Responsibilities (Custody) issues, it can take many days. The judge will give you enough time to hear all the evidence you have on the issues in your case.


What Documents Should I Bring?

  1. Your Financial Affidavit (form 813)

  2. Tax returns for at least three years

  3. Pay stubs

  4. Credit card statements

  5. Bank statements

  6. Statements from retirement accounts

  7. Receipts for your monthly expenses

  8. Your list of the personal property (furniture and other moveable things) you would like

  9. Any other documents that show the details of your finances and anything else the judge needs to decide in your particular case


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TIP: If you have witnesses, make sure they know what time the hearing is, and where to find the courthouse.

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