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Once the Complaint is filed in court (or one of the parties has filed a motion to change an earlier order), the papers must be "served" on the other party. Service is just a fancy word for delivery. The court cannot take any action that affects the other person's rights until there is proof that the other person received a copy of the papers. Usually, the papers are served by mail, but sometimes the sheriff's office serves them by hand.


How are papers served?

There are different rules for service, depending on what kind of case you have.

  • A Complaint for divorce with kids is usually served by the court. After the Complaint is filed with the court, a Case Manager's Conference is scheduled. The court will then mail all of the documents and a notice of the Case Manager's Conference to the other party.

  • A complaint for divorce without kids might be served by the court, but it is not always automatic. Check with the court clerk and have the clerk serve the Complaint if possible. Because there is no Case Manager's Conference, the court will not automatically mail your papers to the other party.

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