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The Kids Are Alright

Recently, I took a telephone call from a advertising sales person from a local business. After the sales pitch, she said, “you know, there’s something else I want to tell you.” She told me the story of her own struggle with the Vermont Family Court system some ten years earlier, and how a fight over the custody of a child took two years and all of the family’s savings. After a trip to the Vermont Supreme Court, the parenting plan still didn’t work well for anyone involved – most importantly, the child. “I heard about your website and checked it out,” she said, “and I wrote you a letter that I’m not going to actually send. But what it says is: I wish we had the information in your website before we went down that road. It might have saved our whole family a couple of years of misery.”

As she told me a little more of her story, I learned that the family eventually worked out a parenting plan, and the child at the center of the dispute was now a mother herself. It was a good reminder that most of the time, families overcome the hurdles of the legal system and rebuild the relationships necessary to raise healthy, well-adjusted children.

It would just be so much better for everyone if getting through the process were a little less miserable.


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